Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Motivation PLUS a NICE Giveaway

Here is this week's Weigh-In Wednesday Thursday post...yes, I realize I'm a little late, but it's better late than never, right????

I know, I folks who have been following me for a while are so sick of hearing that I have hit my goal. But I did change my goal.

On Saturday, I got some more motivation!!!!

Do you see all that extra material???? My clothes do not fit!!!!! I look like a bum if I'm not in my scrubs, which are supposed to fit baggy.

Jessica met me at Kohl's on Saturday. I hate shopping....which if you know me or have been following me very long, you know that. I walked into Kohl's & Jess asked me "what colors are you looking for?" I swear I got the deer-in-headlights look cause I was overwhelmed. But she is awesome, told me to go find a dressing room & she would meet me there with clothes. We figured out a size & Jess played Personal Shopper. It was actually fun. But I still don't like shopping.

And I dropped a few sizes, as you can tell. The jeans on the bottom are what I had on that morning that were baggy....the ones on the top are the size I am now.

And do you see all those empty hangers?????? Yep, when Jessica came over on Sunday (that's for another post), we cleaned out my closet & only kept what actually fits.
So I have some more motivation now to stay where I am & get in shape!

225 Days in a row on My Fitness Pal as of this past Monday.
And do you see what I pulled off today with that #6packMarch Ab Challenge I'm doing. That thing is NOT a joke, at all!!!!
I can't wait to see what the challenge for April will be!!!!
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Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. So so so proud of you for all your hard work!! You are lookin HOT!! I am jealous of those jeans, so tiny!

  2. After losing so much how can you not love shopping?! Way to go lady!!

  3. Omg Tasha!! I'm so proud of you!! You are one hot mamma!! Haha. And I saw the calendar in April. Wow i is going to be good but tough.


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