Thursday, March 21, 2013

What We Did Wednesday

Wednesday was a very exciting evening around this joint!
The girls were in a good mood from the minute they got up!
I tweeted this pic via Instagram...
...& look who commented! One of our local weather guys!!!!
After work & preschool, Kayla & I loaded up & headed to dinner & church. 
I love that this girl LOVES music as much as I do....we were jammin out!

My beautiful dinner date!
While Kayla & I were getting ready to head out, Jamie & Daddy got ready for her very first Daddy-Daughter Date. I asked Jamie to make sure that Daddy took a couple of pictures for me. And he shocked me with how many I got.
She was REALLY excited!!!!
The went to O'Charley's 
Those rolls look SOOOOOOOOOO yummy! Does anyone else think they look HUGE in this picture?????

Daddy-Daughter Dinner

Jamie says her roll is yummy!

HAD to get some coloring done.

They shared some loaded potato soup.

Jamie got Mac & Cheese & Fries

And they shared a chicken strip appetizer. Daddy also got a salad.

Ummmm.....Jamie dips everything in Ranch.


Too sweet!
After dinner, they went to pick up some shoes at New Balance that Daddy had ordered. The salesman only showed them one of the shoes & was closing the box back up. Jamie was adamant that her Daddy saw both of his shoes....too cute!
After grabbing the shoes, it was time to hit the mall.

They enjoyed a few rides on the carousel.

Such a big girl!

And then Jamie got a cookie!

It was a little big, so Daddy broke it in half.

Yummy cookie!
One more ride & then they headed to Gree & Poppie's to change the air filter & then home.

When she got home, she had to tell me all about it! She was oh so excited, until right after she told me she had a cookie. Then she got all sad & said: Mommy, I didn't get you a cookie. I'm so sorry, Mommy.
I told her it was okay cause Kayla & I had split one when we got home.
Then she decided it was time to brush my hair before bed.

Kayla & I of course enjoyed our time at church.
After the girls went to bed, it was time to enjoy the Grizz game!!!!

A little touch of Thursday: Jamie woke up this morning saying she was already excited for her next Daddy-Daughter Date.....after Kayla's turn of course!

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. Fun and yum! Todd're officially famous now! Lol!


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