Monday, March 4, 2013

My Weekend Shenanigans

Here's how it went........

Friday Night
I had a Girls Night In with:
my 2 FAVORITE preschoolers!

Pictures Lowdown
***Kayla said: I'm a flower
***Jamie said: I'm the sun
***We made Build Your Pizza {Mommy fail: I forgot to spray the aluminum foil with Pam...they stuck}
***What's a girls night without a silly-face pic?
***We made strawberry cupcakes...with the help of Pillsbury {Mommy fail: they stuck to the paper}
***I knew I was going over my calories today after I finished my lunch {I was not happy about it!}
***We were jammin' out to Kids Bop on my iPod while cooking & eating
***We watched Toy Story 3 before bedtime {I let them stay up a little later...& reset their "Okay to Wake Monkey Clocks"}
***...5 minutes before we were going to bed, Jamie would not sit still on the couch & she slid off & kissed the concrete floor. Her lip did a little bleeding & she got some relief from her cold ouchie bear wrapped in a pink {upon her request} wash cloth. My monkey girl does not listen & sometimes needs the natural consequences for a lesson to truly sink in.
***Since they haven't gotten to have a sleep together in a long time, I let them....they were excited!
This is oh SO true:
Picture Lowdown of Things We Did
***We woke up with a dusting of snow on the ground AND it snowed those big, pretty flakes off & on all day, but nothing really stuck
***With a little snow on the ground & with it falling from the sky, we decided to enjoy the warmth of the firepalce
***Jamie spent most of the morning in her tutu on & pink wash cloth in hand {pretending it was a flower & asking everyone to smell it}
***When the hubs/daddy got home from his Friday-Saturday Father-Son Trip, the fur~babies were so excited to see him they sat on top of each other {Abby, the older/white one, can't stand Tessie, the younger/ black & white one. So for them to sit like this is really something}
***While I cooked dinner, Jamie traced one of her fairies like in Tinker Bell & the Great Fairy Rescue
***Did you see that, I cooked dinner: Baked Dijon Vidalia Onion Pork Chops, Baby Carrots with Ranch, Shells & Cheese, & Broccoli with Cheese...& it was actually good {Although I love to cook, I'm not the usual cook so it's kindof nice when I produce something everyone actually wants to eat}
***Sweet Kayla was pretending to make things for us on her TV tray: cookies, prince & princess crowns, & necklaces were just a few of the things we received
***Kayla loves being read to {Jamie does too, but Kayla is really enjoying having chapter books read to her each night}
***I think the dogs were really comfortable & ready for bed while the hubs & I watched Ray {such a good movie!}

Picture Lowdown of What We Saw
***Jamie got to pick the 1st show we watched & it was just one of their cartoons on TV.....Kayla's turn = The Bee Movie
***After the girls each had a turn, Mommy had a turn & since the girls didn't want to join me, I did xBox Zumba. Let me tell ya, this think kicked my booty! I was only able to do 12 minutes of the 20 minute workout. It was an AWESOME workout & I can't wait to do more of it!!!
***Back to Jamie's turn for TV: it was a movie, but I forgot to take a picture & now can't remember. We ate while they watched it & then it was time for their naps. I decided to relax & wore my comfy socks, watching: Memphis Tiger Basketball & then Catch Me if You Can
***After nap, it was Kayla's turn to pick TV: Brave {we love this movie!}
***And while I cooked lunch & dinner, I of course was rockin out my iPod {I heart music! = understatement!}
A day of Fellowship, Family, & Friends!!!!! This got it's own blog post & you can see ALL the pictures from the day HERE, but here are the highlights:
 Picture Lowdown
***We got all dolled up & headed to Sunday School & Church
***Gree & Poppie met us at Church & then we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch {LOVE me some wings!}
***One of my BFFs (Jessica) & her boyfriend met us for lunch & Kolby got the Bestie Stamp of Approval ;-)
***I got 30 minutes of uninterrupted ALONE time at Target {if you have children, you TOTALLY understand what a luxury this is}
***Jessica & I went to Paint a Piece to paint that platter saying "Bless this Home"
***I don't draw a decent stick man paint & I'm SO THANKFUL they took me through the process step-by-step considering how it started
***I worked hard painting!
***My almost finished product {they will add the phrase all pretty & fire it to make it look shiny}
***We had so much fun in our Dish, Dine, & Wine class!!!! I can't wait to do it again!!!!
So how was your weekend????
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  1. What a fun weekend with the girls!
    I love your Girls Night In. Your girls are going to cherish such amazing memories with their mommy!

    1. Thank you! We try to do a little something special when Daddy heads out of town. I LOVE making memories with them!!!!

  2. Fun weekend! Those girls are so cute! Can't wait til it warms up and we can have a zoo trip together!

    1. It was DEFINITELY a fun weekend!!! I am CRAVING warm temps & sunshine!!! I can't wait for a zoo trip!!!

  3. Your girls are so pretty - I just love them!

    I need one of these monkey clocks you speak of. My kiddos have gotten up at 6ish the last two mornings in a row. Not Okay!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

    1. Thank you!!!!! God has truly blessed us with them!!!!

      The Monkey Okay to Wake/Get Up clocks are AWESOME!!!! I think I found them on Amazon. I'm sure you can get them at a store or 2 (maybe Knowledge Tree). But to get them by when I wanted them (knowing I wouldn't be heading to the big town), I ordered them.

      Love ya & thanks for all your help with my blogging!!!!!

  4. I'm from the Memphis bloggers group and just wanted to say hello. Following you now!

    1. Thanks for coming on over!!! I'm following you now too!


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