Friday, March 22, 2013

This Week's Happies & Crappies [10]

One day this week all on it's own had a whole roller coaster full of ups & downs; so it got it's own blog post. Click HERE to read all about it & see ALL the pictures. I'll just give ya some highlights on here mixed in with the rest of the week.

We didn't totally forgot didn't get a chance to change the car seats over from going to get the girls from my parents...... I had to drive the big truck to take them to school on Monday (NOT my vehicle of choice!). {CRAPPY}
This girl loves school........ 
....& I love getting texts from her teacher with pictures of her in them showing me what they're doing. {HAPPY}
Gree, Poppie, Jessica, & Kolby came over for Fresh Fish Monday {HAPPY} ........
........but I have NO self-control when it's the 1st Fresh Fish meal of the season & I ate way too much! {CRAPPY}
I got to meet with my Moms Bible Study Play Date group this week & made my homemade tacos with flash-fried corn tortilla shells {HAPPY}
 I have found a frozen fruit mix that I like for my 70 calorie Homemade Smoothie
 I posted this picture of the girls on Twitter via Instagram........
.......& one of our local weather men commented on it. {HAPPY}
 Kayla's class worked on Easter crafts

Jamie got to go on her 1st Daddy-Daughter Date (you can read details HERE)

I got to have a special dinner with Kayla & go to Church

The tomatoes are growing & ready to transfer
 March Madness is happening & the Memphis Tigers won their game on Thursday & I got to watch it at work
 The stuff for my thirty-one online party arrived
 Kayla & Jamie made some bad behavior choices this week {CRAPPY};
but God taught me several lessons through it (see the blog I was talking about at the beginning for details). AND I got to introduce them to what I consider a classic movie.........
........the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory {HAPPY}
 My fur~babies make great bed buddies!

I can now do this:

My memory is the pits {CRAPPY}
But I'm thankful for helpful items like this that help remind me to take my vitamins & medicine (when I'm having sinus/allergy issues) {HAPPY}

& since my boss is not here, I have definitely celebrated this one today {HAPPY}

What were the ups & downs of your week?????
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Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. That's pretty neat that your local weatherman commented on your Instagram pic!
    Also super cool that the teacher texts you pix of what the kiddos are doing in school :)

  2. I'm a 2nd grade teacher, and I also liked the idea of texting parents that way. I love your "Happies & Crappies" link-up. Your girls are totally adorable.


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