Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Week's Wednesday Weigh-In

So this happened:

205 Days in a row on My Fitness Pal as of March 5, 2013 & I've lost a total of 33 lbs since beginning my Healthier Me about a year & a half ago.

So I've decided to do a little reflection to see how far I've come. I am doing it in hopes that seeing how far I've come will help motivate me to stay on track so I can get to where I want to go. 
March 30, 2010
The day I gave birth to Jamie

Halloween 2010
Trick-or-treating with Kayla
September 2011
Mary Kay Beach Retrest in Pensacola, FL

November 2012
Delta Waterfowl Banquet
 February 2013
Family Valentine's Date Night In

February 2013
I posted this as a comparison to being in the same shirt November 2012
March 2013
Sunday Fun with Fellowship, Family, Food, & Friends
Now that  I've hit my weight loss goal (& beyond), it's time for me to focus on tune-up & shape-up.
Got to get a little more of this in!
And I'm doing the #6packMarch Challenge this month
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  1. I'm so impressed with you, and I know I tell you all the time, but you inspire me so!

    Your preggo pic made me LOL a little bit because yo were all belly - and my preggo pics look the same. I was all belly til I wasn't preggo anymore, then it was all..jelly? ha okay, delirious from not enough sleep - but thank you for sharing your journey each week!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

    1. Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!!

      LOL...I LOL at them too! It TOTALLY went all jelly!!!! Working on toning that up though!

      You're welcome & I hope to continue linking up!!!

  2. great job!

    Miller's due date is on Jamie's birthday!

    1. Thank you!'s such an AWESOME day! And 2 of Kayla & Jamie's friends celebrate birthdays earlier in that same week.

      Praying for you & Miller! Can't wait till I have some time to catch up on my Blog Reading!!!!

  3. You are looking great girl!!! Keep up all the good work!!

  4. So, SO inspiring! Great job getting to your goal! I hope I can follow your lead! :)

    1. Thank you!!! You can & you will! I have faith! You are too determined so DO NOT GIVE UP! You will have your ups & downs....but JUST STICK WITH IT!!!!!

  5. Hi! Finally made it to your blog from Instagram (holliemj) and Weigh in link up. Love your pics! Great job making it to your goal!

    1. HEY! Thank you for coming on over! Thanks about the pics & about my goal!

  6. Congratulations on all your weight loss! You look great! :)

  7. Ahhhh yeah yeah!!! :) super duper proud of you!! :)


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