Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Been Happy and Crappy

I woke up with a headache, left my new & FAV glasses at home, & I had to be at work on time.{CRAPPY}
Now you're probably thinking: I have to be at work on time EVERYDAY, Is this girl crazy? (Before you answer that, I will for you: YES). But ya see, I work for the hubs & we ride together on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. He doesn't have to be at work until 8:45 so I don't get here till then. Oh Mondays & Wednesdays, the girls have preschool & I take them. It doesn't start till 8:30, so I don't have to get here till then. So technically, I get here when I'm supposed to everyday. But my co-work needed off today (totally okay with that!), but that meant I had to be here at 8 to unlock the door. It's not like I wasn't up in plenty of time (I get up at 4:45, do my #6packMarch Abs Challenge, shower, Quiet Time with God, & get ready). But I feel bad when I'm the one who is supposed to be here at 8 to unlock & I can't ever make it. My kids are just too darn cute & sweet & I enjoy my extra morning time with them! My headache stems from several factors:
(1) Sinus/allergy problems are not our friends & I've forgot to take my preventative meds.
(2) Between Jamie & Tessie, I've had interrupted sleep for the last 3 nights. More on Jamie in a bit, her waking up was TOTALLY legit; but I do NOT know what's been up with that dog! {Thanks Hubby for taking those shifts with the dog. Her hardheadedness woke me up though}
(3) A lady at the office yesterday had on a nice smelling perfume, but it overwhelmed me.
(4) I have a 2-a-day caffeine dependency...& I didn't have my 2nd one yesterday.
Jamie decided to stop & smell the flowers earlier this week {y'all in the Memphis area remember those nice temps on Monday?}
But remember I just mentioned sinus/allergy problems are not our friend?
Since she decided to pretty much sniff a dandelion up her nose on Monday, it not only triggered her sinus/allergy issues, to act a fool, it flared them up to an extreme!
She did not sleep well at all on Tuesday night & when she woke up from nap at Preschool on Wednesday, her eye puff/swollen & had a icky drainage coming out. She made a trip to see her FAV Optometrist (aka: Daddy) & he prescribed her some drops.
We played it really low-key on Wednesday evening & she got some relaxation. She started developing a low-grade fever & despite 3 days of OTC, she was getting worse. So we went to bed Wednesday night thinking I would take her into her PCP office the next morning.
But ya see, we pray about everything in our house, which means we prayed about this! And when Jamie woke up Thursday morning, she had done a complete 180!
She even did some dancing with The Lorax Thursday night:
Another {HAPPY}:
(I turn these on every morning)
(I'm going to photo document the whole thing)
I just commented last night on my blog friend Lacey @ Charm & Sass if I could live where it's flip flops & growing sweet corn & tomatoes 365 days a year, my life would be perfect. Well, we've started our tomatoes growing in the starter packs, & we have SPROUTS (very exciting news in our house). The only spot in our hard that gets the adequate amount of sun is that spot on the asphalt in front of the vehicle. So we plant our tomatoes in pots. Those are the various pots we use. I'm sure this will make more blog posts.
Soooo....this week we finally got to register Kayla for kindergarten for the 2013-2014 school year.
This girl right here loves her some school! I say finally like that on getting her registered because we are in our 3rd year of Preschool. Academically, Kayla was ready for Kindergarten a year & a half to 2 years ago. But her birthday is 13 days after the deadline & she is a petite little thing & needed a little maturing on her social skills & separation. She didn't/hasn't had major problems in these areas, but she loves to hang out with the adults (she does pretty much everything with us) & would stand by her teachers at Preschool & cry everyday. Until the middle of last school year....she did a 180 & blossomed (praise the Lord cause those were some hard days on this trained-in-and-previously-employed-as School Psychologist of a Momma).
Kayla's reaction when she found out she was registered:
priceless! She was just as excited as those kids you see on the "you're going to Disney World" commercials.
What were the ups & downs of your week????
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Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine


  1. 1) I LOVE your hair in that pic!
    2) Dancing with the Lorax is adorable!
    3) I love that you pray about everything. We do the same thing! I can't wait for Little Man to get a little older and understand what it's all about.
    Happy Friday!

    1. 1) Thank you SOOOOO much!!!!
      2) Thanks! If there is music on, this girl is dancing....she gets it from me (although I don't have the good moves she does). We absolutely LOVE The Lorax!
      3) Nothing is too big or too small for the Lord! Lil Man will get there....just keep doing it. On nights when we aren't all sitting at the table cause one of us is still fixing our plate or getting drinks or napkins, EVEN Jamie (who is not yet 3) will say we can't forget the blessing! She also can say her prayers that I say every night for her at bedtime. I tell you that NOT to brag on her or anything, but to tell you to make sure you're doing it with him now. Jamie doesn't understand the meaning & impact of what she's doing when she prays, but it's part of her now cause we have always done it with her. Kayla is too big & says her own prayers.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I woke with a headache this morning too... Boo :(

    1. Yea Sarah, this time of year is never a friend to my sinus & allergy issues.....always flares up a headahce.

  3. Girl you are looking so super skinny!!! So proud of you!

    1. Thanks Love! I've just GOT to get the tummy toned-up.


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