Friday, January 17, 2014

It Happened Thursday

Oh SOOOO glad it's Friday.....started unusually with out of whack routine, but you'll hear about that on the Weekend Wrap-Up next week (here's to me being able to get it done).

Here's your Good Morning Thursday Picture:

But before Little Miss Happy Happy Happy got up, I hit the gym for stretching....

.....69 sit-ups with 10 lb. plate.....

....& weights. Then I got up that lovely little girl. We were almost late cause that little sweetie likes to do things at a slow pace. I hate to get her up any earlier! I'm thankful there were no arguments, but I still don't like her being that close to being late. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at work. We helped people see & no one got upset with us!!! At lunch Cathy & I hit the gym for a short ride......

....& then we had Mexican; where I practiced strict portion controls.

After work I picked us up a pizza (which I only at one slice of)....all meat cause it's the girls' favorite. Once we got everything cleaned up, we decided to break out Kayla's Christmas present that hasn't been used yet......her Easy Bake Oven. Since it was her present & it was the first time we've used it, I let her do most everything & have Jamie the option of watching a show or watching us. She decided to watch us.

We were ALL excited to get started!!!!

Stir it up!

Watch it bake.....okay, they did not stand there the whole 16 minutes (maybe a whole minute & a half); but it was cute for a picture.

And once it was baked & cooked, I attempted to decorate it. I need some practice but I have a feeling I'll get plenty with this thing.

The girls were excited to get to eat their Red Velvet Cake.

They wanted to add the sprinkles & I was thankful for my cover up.

Then it was time to eat the cake:

After dinner we watched part of a movie for bedtime quiet time....these girls love the classics:

And then, I saw every hour on the clock until the day ended & into today.....more on that next week.

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