Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday to you!!!!

Here's your Good Morning Friday picture:
Kayla was SOOOO excited for a few reasons: to be dressed like a cowgirl (with her shirt, belt, & boots), getting to go to the library at school, & taking Clifford for Show and Tell.

If you recall from my blog posted on Friday, I saw every hour from the time I got up Thursday morning to workout until midnight. Well, it continued that way into Friday morning. See, hubs went duck hunting with a friend, but left Thursday night so he didn't have to get up crazy early to drive. And no matter how much he has gone hunting or been away for BBQ contest, I just do NOT sleep well if he's not in the house. So I didn't sleep a solid hour.....getting up Friday morning tired before I did a thing.

Given that my normal morning routine was out of whack with no sleep & hubs not being there, Kayla & I did our Friday Morning Mother Daughter Breakfast as a Muffins with Mom during our devotional time. I made blueberry muffins cause that's Kayla's favorite muffin flavor.

For our devotional, we read about David & Goliath & talked about how no matter how big we think our problems are, God is not be afraid cause God is with us....that our battles/struggles are not our battles cause they're God's battles (as long as we give then to Him) & He always wins His battles. We also took time to read Jesus Calling for Kids.....which reminded us not to worry about anything, to always pray, & give thanks for everything (good & bad). I just love learning more from God with her!

Friday at work was easy since the boss man wasn't there. Cathy & I took a long lunch cause I NEEDED some new scrubs. All of mine could be described as falling off of me or swallowing me whole. I was REALLY excited about it & almost cried tears of joy cause I dropped not one, but two sizes in scrubs. Now I know those things are cut big, but still, it was exciting!!!!!

Getting new scrubs also meant lunch at Panera Bread. Well, we could have gotten lunch anywhere, but picked Panera cause it's right next door, yummy, & we rarely go there (like only when we're buying new scrubs). 

That was YUMMY!!!!! It was the Pick 2: 1/2 Roastes Turkey & Avacado BLT with a cup of Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Cathy & I also split a Cinnamon Roll cause I has a free birthday pastry that would be expiring.

We have a Lake House (our old trailer on an acre of land) with my MIL & FIL (aka: Gree & Poppie) down at Sardis & we've got pine trees that are starting to look a little iffy as to if they are going to stand up to any high winds. So we've decided to cut them all down. So when Kayla got out of school, Gree took the girls on down. Poppie headed down once he got off. And after hubs got home from the duck hunt, had a nap, & I got off work, we headed down too. The girls always have a blast down there & it is LOTS of relaxing for the rest of us. We let the girls stay up late & given that I had not slept a solid hour since 4am Thursday morning, I started getting delirious & giggly.

But thankfully a good night full of sleep came & the girls didn't get up till about 7:30. After the rest of us got up, we headed down to the Lodge for breakfast.  These 2 love going down to Sardis & LOVE getting to go to the Lodge!!!! 

Apparently 1 night of sleep was not enough for me cause I dozed & napped for about 3 hours on Saturday....I told you it was nice & relaxing down there.

Meanwhile, the girls planned & had their nap. Then Gree & Poppie got ready & headed to meet some of their friends from their school days for dinner. Hubs, the girls, & I headed to one of our FAV restaraunts down there: Como Steakhouse.

Kayla with her Daddy

Me with Jamie

The girls decided they wanted to do silly face pictures too:

And Kayla even got Daddy to do one with her:

Thankfully I was saved by the food....Jamie didn't ask me to do one with her.

Speaking of food, it was DELICIOUS as usual!!!!

When we got back to the Lake House, it was about time for the girls to go to bed. Once they were down, Hubs & I enjoyed a movie: Ocean's Twelve. I need to watch it again though case there's some stuff I missed. Once Gree & Poppie got back, we headed home. The girls were staying cause everyone is off work & out of school on Monday, but we open our office (it's one of our busiest days of the year). So they will be enjoying some of Monday at the Lake House till they have to come home to get ready for Dance.
Sunday morning, we got up & got to spend some good, quality time with our Church family! I love those people the more & more time I spend with them. Sure you're not going to agree with everyone 100% of the time; but spending time in God's presence with them focused on God is such a wonderful thing!
The rest of our Sunday included relaxing, NFL Championships & the fire place being on.....not cause it was really that cold or anything, but just because it is so relaxing.

I decided to head back to church for Discipleship Training & Evening Service. Those were great & I learned so much!!!!! And when I got home, this was waiting on me:

Yep, I'm spoiled!!!!
So how was your weekend????

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