Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not Too Bad, Monday

Good Tuesday Morning!!!!

I will have to say, Monday was not too bad! I think it had to do with the fact that I was productive Friday afternoon so I was run ragged on Monday.

Here's your Good Morning picture from Monday:
Before those little cutie pies got up, I hit the gym for this:

Which was 4.98 miles in those 52 minutes.

Monday morning was SOOOOO nice getting to have an easy morning!!!! I didn't feel overwhelmed at all! At lunch, Cathy needed to run to the grocery store & we had nothing for lunch; so we didn't go to the gym. But I got to go up to Backermann's Bakery for lunch meat & fresh baked bread.....yummy!

Then we went & had lunch at Jalapeno's, an AWESOME local Mexican joint that also serves a great burger.....cause it's a real, hand pattied out burger & not frozen from Sisco (it's not that I don't like Sisco, it's just you get it everywhere). I love me some chips & salsa!

And the Arroz con Pollo is my absolute FAV!!!!

I only ate 1 serving of chips & salsa & 1/2 my meal, so I have lunch leftover for later this week.
Since it was Monday, that meant it was Dance & grocery shopping night. We were EXCITED by a surprise when I took Jamie in: Pictures of the costumes for the big show in June!!!!
This is Jamie's costume for her Alley Cats number:

This is Kayla's costume for her "Sunshine Medley" number:

And this is Kayla's costume for her "Country Girl" number:

Do you remember when I blogged about last Monday in Manic Monday that Kayla got sick to her stomach with no fever after Dance class???? Well, this week we did her dinner during Jamie's dance class:

FYI: McDonald's in Oakland has been deemed "the best McDonald's" by the girls....because it has a play area; which they have never played on. Anyway, we might change that soon. When it was time to go get Jamie, we went & got her & then took her & Daddy (he went along with us) to his truck at the office (to kill the 45 minutes before Kayla's class). Then Daddy & Jamie grabbed her something to eat & headed home. Jamie is pure exhausted once we have gone shopping & waited on Kayla's class to finish at 8:15 after being at school all day. So we decided to try getting her home after her class.
Which meant when it was time to drop off Kayla, I headed to the store & this happened:

I know that one day I will miss this...them being this size & wanting to be with me all the time!!!! And I love to grocery shop!!! But it's nice not to have the distraction & have to backtrack back & forth across the store several times!!!! It made my trip seem not as rushed. And since posting that on Facebook & Instagram, I have gotten 80 people who have clicked "Like" & 11 comments that agree....so apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way.
After getting Kayla & getting home with Jamie going home earlier, it meant she was sound asleep when we got home....but she needs her rest at the wonderful age of 3. I checked folders to see how the teachers said the girls' days were. Kayla had no red marks & had done great. On Jamie's daily summary note, it said that her teacher was proud of how hard she had worked today on her worksheet & coloring sheet. So before I looked at the sheets, I pulled out her 1st coloring sheet from this school year....and here it is:

And this is what she had done on Monday:

Oh how far she has come in just 1/2 a school year!?!?!?!
I must have appeared to be running around like I chicken with my head cut off after that trying to get groceries unloaded & put up, tidying up the kitchen, & trying to get some prep done so my Tuesday morning went smoothly. I say this cause Hubs came into the kitchen, told me to stop, & go relax in the bubble bath he had just ran for me. It was a good idea he had! I need to remember to take just a few minutes for myself to relax each day.....especially right before I go to bed. I slept great!
How was your Monday????

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