Friday, January 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

Soooo.....I'm playing a little catch up since apparently I went on a blogging break & noticed I haven't posted about Thanksgiving yet.
Here ya go:
One Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, the Preschool & Kindergarten Choir at Church sang for everyone who attended a special dinner. The girls LOVE singing at Church!!!!

Kayla's class took time to celebrate Thanksgiving as Indians:

And then they got ready for their Feast:

Jamie's class also took time to celebrate Pilgrims:

Sweet Little Pilgrim Friends:

Silly Little Pilgrim Friends:

Time for the Feast:

The girls decided they wanted to be all dolled up for our celebration at the house. But Kayla wanted her feet to be comfy.

Kayla playing Guess Who with Daddy:

Tessie Dog dancing with MawMaw Susie:

Nonnie chillaxin with Jamie:

Abbb Dog cuddling with Gree

Tiny Dancer:

Indian Girl:

Smoked Turkey

Deluxe Baked Beans

Green Beans

Gibblet Gravy

Cranberry Sauce


Potato Salad

Deviled Eggs

Mashed Potatoes

.....& now I'm hungry!
Kids' Table

Half the Adult Table: MawMaw Susie, Nonnie, Daddy, & Pappaw

The other half of the Adult Table: Poppie, Gree, & MawMaw Susie

Cherry Delight Cheesecake

Pecan Pie

1st Place in Staring Nap Time goes to.....Poppie

MawMaw Susie & Me

Nonnie & Me

Gree & Me

Jamie & Me

Kayla cuddling with Nonie

Tessie Dog enjoyed Thanksgiving too

Anyone else hungry for Thanksgiving again????

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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