Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Keeping it Real

Good Thursday Afternoon to you!
Here's your Good Wednesday Morning Picture:
Jamie was so excited she looked like a Dalmatian (her label not mine) with her hood up since it has ears on it. Kayla was excited her class was going to Art!

My morning started with a trip to the gym & it felt GOOD! I got in stretching,
sit-ups with 10 lb. plate,

& weights.

The morning with the girls went pretty smooth; but I think I have some of the slowest eaters on the face of the earth. Work was steady but not overwhelming so it was good overall.

At lunch, my co-worker & I went to the gym to hit the cycles

Since it was Wednesday, we did our weekly pre-church dinner at a local spot called The Hut.

Have you ever had a decision in your life you were trying to make & you begged, even pleaded, & sometimes tried to bargin with God saying "If You'll just give me a Mack truck size flashing neon sign, Lord, I'll follow Your plan"??? Well, I know I have (like when I was trying to decide on wish college to go to, or about changing my major, or about making a career change). God always answers our prayers, it just may not be in the way or when we expect Him to.

And sometimes God just gives you a wake up call. Or puts something so heavy on your heart you know He's telling you what to do. 

Well, I had one of these smack me in the face wake up call moments on Tuesday night that pertains to my usual Wednesday night routine. My Wednesday night routine since last spring (or maybe before) has been to take the girls to their church activities & then I run or walk the neighborhoods (or parking lot when it is dark) or hit the treadmill at the gym. A time or two I've sat in on a Bible study so I could get the information or book & do the study solo during my personal quiet time with God. 

We'll not any more....God made me stop & think: what kind of example am I setting for my girls if I just drop them off & leave the church instead of participating in what the church has to offer for me?!?!?! I'm telling them it's okay to just drop your kids off & leave; that you get enough on Sunday mornings but your kids need to be there every time they can be. I'm telling them it's okay to put anything & everything else in front of your time with God & spending time learning about Him through His people.


This is NOT what I want my girls to get from me!!!! Needless to say, God spoke & I listened. So I went to the Bible study, prayer meeting, & Bible study lead by our preacher. I'm excited about the 1st Bible study as it is based on faith, food, fitness, focus, & friends. The prayer meeting will help me have more specific prayers for the members of our church. The Bible study lead by our preacher is also interesting.

My plan was to go home & get on the treadmill; but I was just TOO tired once the girls got into be & I did my usual night prep for the next day. So I decided on Mondays & Wednesdays (the nights we have activities), I'll hit the treadmill instead of doing weights.

Speaking of my's your WIN & WOW Update:
 The Weigh-In
I’ve been logging into My Fitness Pal for the last 520 days in a row as of yesterday (Wednesday, Jan. 16).
As you can see, I’ve lost a total of 37.8 lbs.

I'm now at the maintain the weight but shape up stage.



The Workout
***Here is what the last week has looked like for me***

Wednesday Goal = Run/Walk
January 8
Day 8 squats & push-ups challenge
Cycling 8.1 miles in 42 minutes
Running 3.53 miles in 40 minutes
Burned 713 calories

Thursday Goal = Rest from Run
January 9
48 sit-ups with 10 lb. plate
Cycling 8.5 miles in 42 minutes
Burned 688 calories
 Friday Goal = Run/Walk
January 10
54 sit-ups with 10 lb. plate
Cycling 9 miles in 44 minutes (cross-training)
Burned 705 calories
 Saturday Goal = Cross-Training (anything cardio other than run/walk)
January 11
Running 3.76 miles in 45 minutes
Burned 372 calories
 Sunday Goal = Run/walk
January 12
Running 3.84 miles in 45 minutes
Day 9 & 11 squats & push-ups challenge (I'm officially WAY behind on this)
10 lb. kettlebell with girls
Burned 776 calories
Monday Goal = Run/walk OR Cross-Training (anything cardio other than run/walk)
January 13
58 sit-ups with 10 lb. plate
Cycling 8.4 miles in 40 minutes
Tuesday Goal = Cross-Training (anything cardio other than run/walk) OR Run/walk
January 14
Walking 1.99 miles in 45 minutes
Burned 152 calories (light day due to growing pains)

I said it before & I’ll say it again (& you’ll keep seeing it): Someone once told me to keep my goals in front of me. And as bad as my memory is, it's REALLY hard for me to remember my goals if they're not in front of me.

Personal Goals:
1) Make healthier meal choices when eating out.
2) When indulging in something that's not a healthier choice, practice strict portion control!
3) Eat at least 2 fruits & 2 veggies daily.
4) Drink 72-96 oz of water daily.
 5) Workout 5 days a week.
6) Log EVERYTHING into My Fitness Pal every day.
7) Be comfortable enough with my body to wear a 2-piece for Summer 2014, even if I don't actually buy one.
8) Walk different 5Ks throughout the year.
Wish far:
March 15 Run or Dye (registered)
March 29 The Glo Run (registered)
April 5 80's Retro Run (registered)
May 10 Foam Fest (registered)
June 13 Glow in the Park
I'm sure this list will grow!
9) Walk/Jog Half Marathons.
April 26 St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville (registration transferred from Memphis Half Marathon cancelled Dec 2013)
December 6 St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis
10) Stop weighing/measuring everyday....don't be number-driven.
11) Be less self-conscious & more confident with myself. [I think I will always be working on this]

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Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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