Friday, January 24, 2014

Tired Thursday

Hello Friday!!!

Here's your Good Morning picture from Thursday:
It has been Basketball Homecoming Spirit Week at Kayla's school & it was Throwback Thursday; so I dressed her like a "Child of the 80's". I could have done SO much more now that I've put more thought to tight-rolled her jeans, found her a tie-dye t-shirt, OR done her Gene Simmons Kiss Costume from Halloween 2012. But this is what we did. Mornings are tough with her sometimes cause she likes to take her sweet time doing everything. I have to remember to take deep breaths & respond to her instead of reacting. But apparently 6:45-7:35 is just not enough time.....I HATE to get her up any earlier, but it looks like we need to add 5 minutes just so she can take her time waking/getting up. I get her up earlier than 6:45 on Fridays for our special breakfast; so it looks like Monday we'll go to that time every day.
But before I had a morning of getting Kayla to look like a "Child of the 80's", I hit the gym (& did my quiet time with God & got myself ready). I started with some light stretches, then.....

95 sit-ups with 10 lb. plate, &.....

....weights. I just love my mornings at the gym! And I'm not there alone! I get there around 4:30 & around 5, my neighbor, a member of my Sunday school class, a preacher from another church, & a few high school girls join in the fun. Every once in a while we also have a firefighter & another woman join in the 5 AM Club.
Work was......crazy busy AGAIN. But during lunch, I was able to do this:

Since it was a Cross-Training Day, I decided to count my cycling as the activity for that training day.

I got in 7.8 miles in 40 minutes. I love my lunch time rides!!!!
The afternoon at work was just like the morning & days before. I am not complaining at all cause it's good for business!!!!! But several days like this in a row have just worn me out. I had planned on getting some stuff done around the house. We had our fish dinner with Gree & Poppie. Then I sat in my recliner, only to get up to do bedtime with the girls. I was asleep by 9 in my chair. Around 10:05, I got up all WAY CRAZY out of it & went to bed.
I was tired.....

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