Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday Monday

Happy Tuesday to you!
How was your Monday?
Mondays are a little busy for me; but I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!
Here's your Good Morning World Picture from Monday Morning:

Yes, there is a random crayon in the floor & yes, I have asked them to pick it up several times cause their sweet little dog is going to eat it.....but I don't pick up after them......so it still sits there. One of them will either pick it up or cry later cause it's missing cause the dog ate it......life lessons.
Mondays are busy for us cause I work, both girls have school, & both girls take dance with their classes falling on Monday night. Given their age difference, they're in separate classes.
At 5:00pm every Monday, Gree brings me the tiny dancers & we head to Oakland.

Jamie has her dance class 5:15 - 6:00. She does Ballet & Tap. Jamie has some friends from school there with her, friends she has met just through dance AND a new friend joined her last night.....Kayla's best friend's little sister. Jamie loves going to dance & is excited that there is going to be a big show! It's in June so this excitement will carry on for a while.
When Jamie gets out of dance, we head to a quick fast food dinner.....FYI: for all of you who pay attention to my food & workout stuff, there ARE healthy options, you just have to pick them OR have strict portion control.
Last night's choice was McDonald's (bad blogger & Momma, I didn't take a picture)....which has now been deemed THE BEST McDonald's by the girls all because it has a play area. It's actually the only one we go to often that has a play area. What's funny is they've never actually gone up any of the steps or done any of the slides: 1) Kayla was too scared & Jamie was too little the last time they had the chance; & 2) We do NOT have time between dance classes for them to play on it. You see I have two of the slowest eaters & we are pushing it to even get to eat dinner. But they like to sit & look at it while they eat. I told them if they would go a couple of Mondays in a row of not picking McDonald's then we would go back one evening or Saturday when we had time to play.

Kayla has her dance class 6:45 - 8:15. She does Ballet, Tap, & Jazz. Kayla has one friend from school with her (her best friend mentioned above) & the rest are friends she has met through dance. Kayla also loves going to dance & is also very excited that there is going to be a big show in June! She informed me last night (& reminded me this morning) that she must start practicing every night at home. I told her I couldn't wait to watch her practice!!!!
While Kayla is in her class, Jamie & I usually do our shopping. But this week felt partially more accomplishing than most. Here's what I mean: one of my friends has come to realize her gift from God is organization & she has decided to share what she knows with us that follow her on blogs. It's some stuff I've heard before, but it's more personal cause I actually know her in real life; AND she's sharing/starting with details like their weekly menu which leads to her weekly shopping trip; AND she is a full-time working mother of multiple children with a working spouse. On Sunday, I actually sat down & figured out our lunches & at-home dinners. Which lead to me actually making a detailed list......which means our trip was mostly smooth.

The reason it didn't feel completely accomplishing or smooth is because Jamie & I were asked to go to Walmart for a specific item. I just don't know that store layout as well so I had to do some backtracking and I couldn't find that specific item. Life goes on.
After dance, we got home, groceries dealt with, & girls to bed.
And then.....I got growing pains in my legs when I went to lay down in the bed. Yes, you read that right: growing pains....like kids get. I know to call it that cause I had them BAD as a child. Okay, not so bad that my Mom had to take me to the doctor or anything; but I do remember waking up at night with pain MORE than once.
PS.....do you know how hard it is for me not to blog about my workouts daily???? But I don't want you to be bored when I post my WIN & WOW Updates.
So how was your Monday?

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