Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuesday's Happenings

Well Hello There! It's Wednesday afternoon & if I get to finish the blog & publish it, that will be 3 days in a row for ya!

I have TRULY missed blogging & it feels good to get back to it.

FYI: I'm having to do this one completely from my phone cause either the website & I aren't gettin along or my laptop & I aren't getting along or a combination of both. That being said: excuse if things have different alignments in different spots.

Here's what happened on Tuesday. But 1st, your Tuesday Good Morning Picture:

So most all of my morning (especially during the week) since December 10 have included some sort of workout (weights at the gym, treadmill time, or Just Dance at home). So imagine my surprise when I felt I HAD to have the morning start with this: 

a bubble bath....ok, so it could have just been a soak with no bubbles; but that's no fun! I woke up just like I went to bed on Monday experiencing growing pains in my legs. Yes, you read that right! Not cramps, growing pains. I can accurately describe them like this cause I experienced them as a child. I'm not actually growing taller now, but I am growing muscle.

The rest of my day was pretty typical: work & come home. I did get a chance to get some stuff done around the house. I like getting a little done each night so if we are lucky enough to have someone pop in, I don't panic about the house. And I really hate doing the cleaning marathon day. It feels like a waste of a day....but that's just me.

We were able to sit down & have dinner as a family. Dinner conversations at our house consist of our blessing ("God our Father, God our Father, once again..." know you just sang that with me if you know it), everyone's 2 favorite & 1 least favorite part of their day, & how our day went. Last night we got to talk about Kayla's 100th day of school family project. We're excited about suck'll have to stay tuned for more on this one as the thoughts develop more.

I've also recently added something I'm trying hard to stick with. A few years ago I read a blog with a suggestion of what to do with te Christmas cards you get. It said to saw them in a box & each night pull out a card & pray for the family. So each night that the 4 of us are home for dinner, we do just that. Sometimes we have to explain our connection to the family to the girls; but it's REALLY fun on nights like last night when we pull out the card of a family we know well.

It was so fun last night talking about fun memories & things we LOVE about the Rockholt family. Oh how life has gotten in the way lately & we wish we could spend more time with them. Praying that opportunity opens up.

Well, I can't contain myself any more about leaving those of you out who don't follow me on other social media. I'll post my daily picture here just like I do other sights. Then on my WIN & WOW Updates each week, I'll just list what I did (sorry if I bore you). But this will also allow me to share my feelings about the workout if I have any (like I do about Tuesday's).

Tuesday was a LIGHT day of stretching & walking a slow 1.99 miles in 45 minutes at lunch time. I did this as a stretch given the pain I was having. At some point, my sweet & inspiring friend who is battling breast cancer for the 2nd time posted what's in the bottom half of that picture as her status on Facebook.

It spoke volumes to me about how I needed to take it easy since my body was hurting. And you know what, I didn't have any pains the rest of the day. I think the light walk was a good idea to stretch it out.

How was YOUR Tuesday?

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