Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Good Monday Morning to you!!!
How was your weekend?????
Here's how mine went down......
Here is your Good Morning picture from Friday morning:
But before that little cutie got up, I hit the gym for this:

.....which was 4.60 miles for me on this:

Then I got in 108 sit-ups with a 10 lb. plate:
Then I did my quiet time with God, got ready for the day, & woke up my sweet big girl. We went for our Friday Morning Mother Daughter Breakfast. Kayla picked Teague Store (aka: The Right Place):

We read about David the Shepherd King & how God can take even the biggest mess & make it work in His plan. We also read how we're going to have troubles every day; but God's peace can find a way to turn them into blessings, making us stronger in our faith.
Friday morning was steady at work & at lunch Cathy & I were able to go to the gym & I cycled.....

....7.8 miles in 40 minutes.
Friday afternoon I could have done what I usually do every Friday afternoon: play around & not get much work done. But I decided to be productive....& since it's Monday morning, I can tell you I am THANKFUL I did cause it's nice having a chill morning!!!!
Friday night we had homemade sloppy joes & they were YUMMY! We were also able to pull out one of the Christmas cards to explain our connection to them & pray for the family this year.

The family was the Pucketts......Daddy meet Lacy (the mom) during Optometry school & they became great friends.
Saturday morning I was able to get up & get to the gym before the girls got up.

I did 121 sit-ups with the 10 lb. plate......

.....& worked with the weights.
The rest of Saturday was filled with housework (cause I was too exhausted to get much done last week), working on stuff for school (100th day of school project & practicing skills), & relaxing. Hubs got to spend some time duck hunting. I was supposed to get to go to a Girls Night.....but was unable to due to some miscommunication. No biggie cause I enjoyed time at home & was well rested for our Sunday morning.
Sunday morning I got to take these cuties to spend some time with our Church family:

And I also got to sing my 1st service with the choir. I have never been made to feel so welcomed as I did with the choir. I've only been to 1 practice & sang with them once, but they've already made me feel like I'm one of them. It was AMAZING & good for my soul!!!! Songs just speak to me on so many more levels when I'm able to sing them.
After we grabbed a bite to eat, I wanted to just be lazy & not workout & just relax & read.......but then I saw this:

It was supposed to be a running day, but I just wasn't feeling it. So I did a little switching of days & did this:

Which ended up meaning I walked 2.58 miles in 40 minutes.

Technically I know my cross training isn't supposed to be walking; but it's what I felt like doing given I really didn't want to do anything at all.
I also did some Kettlebell work.

After the girls got up from nap, we got ready & headed back to Church for the evening activities. The girls have Team Kids for an hour while I have Discipleship Training. Then it's evening service time....with no activities for the girls. I have avoided this as I didn't want to be that parent with kids who were distracting during the service. But God has truly blessed me with really good girls!!!! I let them enjoy the service up until it was time for the sermon; then I broke out the coloring books & crayons. We also sat at the back of the Church. Other than Jamie moving around a lot, they were VERY GOOD! Of course they always seem louder & more distracting to me as a mother....but those around us assured me they were great!

It was a great weekend!!!!

How was your weekend????

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