Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tradition #2: Christmas Music

In case you have forgotten, I LOVE music! Like....I'm borderline obsessed with it. But I can only take certain songs at certain times. I try to pass along my love for music (but not all the way to obsessed) to the girls. Our next Christmas Tradition is breaking out the Christmas CDs in my SUV. We don't get to listen to them until Dec 1; but sometimes I'll break them out after Thanksgiving. Jamie would rather watch a movie, but Kayla will pick a Christmas CD when it's her turn to pick. Here are our 2 favorites:
This has a lot of good Christmas songs on it, sung by kids (which Kayla loves). She LOVES all the Kidz Bop CDs!

Mickey Mouse Christmas CD
Since we only have 2 favorites, you see why I don't let them come out until between Thanksgiving & Christmas.

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