Monday, December 31, 2012

Noon Year's Eve

So if you follow my blog, you know that I refer to different Seasons of Life (I like it a little better than phases of life...just sounds different). I am in that season of life where I have 2 children under the age of 6. And the hubs in an avid hunter....SOOOO I don't really do the going out for New Year's Eve to celebrate. But I kind of really heart parties =D. I ALSO love celebrating things with my girls (you've probably noticed this if you follow my blog &/or we are friends on FB). So my friend & I decided to throw a Noon Year's Eve Party! And here it is...start to finish....
I got crafty!

I made little decorative circles to use in decorations (trying to save money AND I had the stuff)...there's about 345 of those things.

The girls got in on the action of prep work

Not ALL, but a lot of those little circles went onto our Photo Booth Backdrop

Some of the balloons for our Balloon Drop at the stroke of Noon

The Balloon Drop is assembled & ready to go

Decorations walking out of the kitchen into the living room

Snowman Bowling Game is ready

Colorful plates & special "sticks" (aka: toothpicks) for our party food

You've got to toast in the New Year....we did it with Sparkling Cider, Sparkling White Grape Juice, & Sparkling Red Grape Juice

The New Year's Hat are ready to be decorated (everyone got to pick whatever color they wanted)

Since I HAD to make an example, I made it in my FAVORITE colors!

The girls played games on their DS's while waiting on our friends to get here

They looked too cute in their new outfits they got for Christmas!

And OF COURSE we had to get a silly face picture!

Lil Smookies

A little smell good for the party...I KNOW it's a silly name, but that stuff smells good!

We had our Kids Playlist rockin' out on the iPod on the docking station

Patiently waiting for our friends

Patiently waiting for our friends

Our Photo Booth WITH props

Up close of the props

Clock Cookies

Our friends started arriving & we ALL got Stompeez for Christmas!

Excited ALL of our friends that could came!

Some of these girls LOVE to make silly faces for our pictures

Snowman Bowling Game

When you can't get them all to fall from a distance...just walk right up there, Jamie

Boaz enjoying the action

Making our hats

And our finished products:

Photo Booth Time

The sign above Kayla's head says Happy New Year & above Jamie's says This is what awesome looks like

Had to model my hat

Getting ready for our countdown & Balloon Drop
Our Countdown

Balloon Drop

Popcorn Bar with mix-in options of Goldfish, M&Ms, Marshmallows, Gummy Bears, & Peanuts

Cheese & Crackers

Cheers to 2013

When you can't see sitting down, just stand in your chair, it works much better

OR if you can't see, just lay your popcorn box flat on the table

Sitting like a big kid at the table

Chatting it up with our friends

So this is funny cause I had fixed the green plate & while I was fixing it, I said: "Calories don't count today cause it's a holiday". Then we had a spill to clean up. And THEN I made the blue plate & started eating it. For the record, I did NOT eat BOTH plates.
Enjoying cookies:

Coloring stickers for our Celebrate 2013 Blessings Jars

Go Boaz Go!

One last sip

Our Jar

Jamie's sticker

Kayla's sticker. Our 1st blessing in the jar: Noon Year's Eve Party with our friends


  1. What a GREAT idea! Looks like you all had a blast!

    1. Thanks! We did!!!! I see this being an annual event =D


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