Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tradition #7: Provided Office Christmas Lunch

My friend has started sharing her family's Christmas traditions in her blog & suggested some of us share ours. I LOVE the idea! So I thought I would start sharing too. To see the blog that started it all, click HERE [Yes, I got permission to share]. You can read about Dawn's Christmas Tradition 1, & then click on the links below it to see each of the Christmas Traditions that have been linked up to it.

Here is another Christmas Tradition from our house...well, technically this one comes from the office; but it happens every year so I consider it a tradition. And many who work outside the home have one too: Provided Office Christmas Lunch.

A little back story: I work in an Optometry office.

A little information for you: I am not in any way the doctor & I can not tell you what is wrong with your eye. My knowledge is in helping pick out frames (there's no magic to it, I just tell you if a frame looks good on your face) & cutting the lenses down to size to fit into your frame (no magic here either, I just push buttons & a machine does it). Oh, I also have to check the pressures in each of your eyes by puffing air in them (no magic in that either) to check for glaucoma. Guess what people, I hate that machine as much as you all do!

And another piece of information for you: an Optometrist can do anything an Opthomologist can do, except surgery.

Just putting those pieces of information out there cause those two issues come up sometimes several times a day.


Back to the back story: I work in an Optometry office. We have to refer patients out to an Opthomologist when they need surgery (i.e., cataracts). We are fortunate enough to have offices in Jackson & Memphis that we refer patients to. Some people are in Memphis all the time & others would prefer to not have to deal with the traffic there so we sending them to Jackson. If the Memphis doctor is picked, then you go to their office for consultation & pre-op; & come back to our office for post-op. But a bonus about using the doctor out of Jackson is that everything except the surgery is done in our office. So a patient's consultation, pre-op, & post-op are all done close to home. The Opthomologist out of Jackson comes to our office once a month to do all his consultation & pre-op work. He even brings 2 of his own staff members with him.

The added bonus is where the Christmas Tradition comes in (I know you're probably thinking FINALLY). As a thank you for us letting them use our office for consultation & pre-op, the Opthomologist provides a Christmas lunch for us....from the Honey Baked Ham Store. And it is YUMMY!!!!!!
 They bring drinks, cups, plates, napkins, utensils, & THE FOOD! We get chips & at least 3 types of meat, this year it was four: ham, 2 types of turkey, & roast beef. We also get 2 different types of cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce, & pickles.

 Of course you need bread to make a sandwich on & they bring us yummy croissants!

And you need condiments to top off your sandwich. The Savory Sauce was new to me this year. But that Hickory Honey Mustard is AWESOME! I feel the same way about it as I do caramel...& I feel the same way about caramel as most women do about chocolate.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
And what's a Christmas Lunch without dessert?!?!
 One of the ladies on staff at the Opthomologist Office makes an AMAZING Chocolate Cake....her little secret is a combination of cinnamon in with her chocolate. It's REALLY tasty! AND, it doubles as breakfast for the rest of the week =D
So, what are some of your Christmas Traditions?

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