Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Tradition #4: School Party

Let me catch you up a little bit....I am blogging about the Christmas Traditions we have in our family. A friend of mine started doing this & we are linking up with it! It's TOO FUN! I'm learning about traditions I would like to start adding!!!! Here's what I've done so far (you can click on each one to read about it):

Another tradition we have is the Happy Birthday Jesus/Christmas School Party. I was going to post pictures from each of the parties we've had so far, but I did not make it to school party #2, so I don't have a picture from that one (I was stuck helping a patient or something). Now, I know this tradition will not last forever as school parties don't continue to happen as the kids get older (& Momma stops getting invited along the way too). Sidenote: maybe we could let the girls have a little party with some friends over as the years go by....going to think on that one. But for now, I will cherish this tradition, NEVER miss an opportunity to attend one again, & of course, take pictures. I just posted pictures on Facebook yesterday, so I won't post them all here. But I will post the pictures of the girls with their teachers (a picture I try to get each year anyway at the beginning of the year & at different parties).
Jamie with Miss Angela

Kayla with Miss Nikki


  1. That is a good idea! I don't think I have gotten pictures of Lorelei and Mrs. Heather!

    1. I try to get pictures on the 1st Day, when there is a party or outing/fieldtrip, & last day. I TOTALLY missed Christmas Party last year AND a couple of parties this year. I haven't even looked back to see if I've gotten all the 1st & last days. But I know I have gotten some.


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