Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tradition #6: Christmas Cards

My friend has started sharing her family's Christmas traditions in her blog & suggested some of us share ours. I LOVE the idea! So I thought I would start sharing too. To see the blog that started it all, click HERE. [Yes, I got permission to share] You can read about Dawn's Christmas Tradition 1, & then click on the links below it to see each of the Christmas Traditions that have been linked up to it.
Here is another Christmas Tradition from our house: I absolutely love sending & receiving Christmas cards! We send out about 150 every year. As I'm addressing them, I pray for each person on the list. Most of the time I have it together enough to get labels made for the hand gets tired writing all those addresses. But sometimes this doesn't happen. I was a little later this year getting our cards out then I have been in the past.
This year, a friend of mine of Facebook told me about this AWESOME deal on a website: She shared a coupon code that saved me 75% on my cards. That was caused some major excitement in me! This website is great! They will put your return address on them, put all the address to all the people you are sending cards to on each one, and they will mail them for you too! I did not get it together enough this year to get all my addresses into my account on the website. However, I see me taking advantage of that in the future! I don't think I'll ever get them to do the mailing for me cause when I put the stamp on & got through the stack is when I say a prayer for whoever I am sending a card to.

We also LOVE receiving Christmas cards! Sometimes I tape them to the wall or around a doorway. But this year I decided to put them on the tree we have in the kitchen that we don't put decorations on. I also pray for each you when you send us a card. The girls LOVE when they come in the mail just as much as I do! Some of our favorites are the ones with pictures on them as it helps make the connection for the girls & I love seeing how much kids have grown. But I also love the handwritten ones cause they show you took time to do it.
The tree with the lights on....
...and the tree with the lights off.
Another of our favorite cards is the one that Santa sends to the girls! 
 The front of the card this year.

The inside of the card with Magic Reindeer Food included. We sprinkle this in the yard on Christmas Eve (another tradition to blog about).

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