Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tradition #5: Santa Picture

My friend has started sharing her family's Christmas traditions in her blog & suggested some of us share ours. I LOVE the idea! So I thought I would start sharing too. I need to get her permission to share her link so you can see all the traditions we've been posting.
Another tradition we have is the Santa Picture. We "do" Santa in our family (hehe, yea I'm immature at times & every time I read that it makes me giggle). HOWEVER, there is not a day that goes by in this house that we don't talk about the TRUE meaning of Christmas, all throughout the day. We talk about it, we focus on the nativity scene (Maxie our Elf on the Shelf is often found around it--another tradition to blog about), we read about the true meaning of Christmas, & this year, I've started incorporating books that talk about the legend of different symbols of Christmas (another tradition to blog about). I do not mean any disrespect in posting this one for my friends who don't "do" Santa (hehe) in their house. It's one of our traditions, so I care it on. But my girls, as they are growing older, are learning how to not make Santa our focus during the month of December. I say as they're growing older because at 2, presents are REALLY exciting. But I think Jamie is getting it cause I asked her yesterday (just as I do everyday): why do we really celebrate Christmas? And she said: Jesus's birthday!
The excitement on their faces to see that pile of presents (which is shrinking again this year to pull away focus on it being about gifts) is way cool. And their search for things relating to Santa while we are out-and-about is fun!
As I was growing up, my Mom has a picture of me with Santa every year from birth to when I moved to TN at the age of 22, except when I was 13....I ABSOLUTELY refused that year. And man, now that I'm a Mom, I regret doing that to her (sorry Momma!). I decided to continue this one on....& I'm sure there will come a year that I don't have a picture. I will just have to take a picture of Santa that year OR try to make it fun & have a group of their friends all do it or something.
Well, here are this year's prep & actual pictures with Santa. I always purchase a few pictures from the place we are getting them & they don't mind so much that I'm also taking pictures with my own camera. I tend not to snap my personal pictures until they've already gotten the picture themselves. PS...Bass Pro is usually not crowded & usually always has an awesome Santa.
All dolled up & ready to see the big guy.

Kayla is telling Santa all about what she wants. She has a list of 7 things (she's specific y'all). Jamie is like: I took the picture & smiled, can i get up now?

But Jamie did a good job telling Santa what she wanted too. Do you see how proud Kayla looks of her?!?!?!

Our picture with Santa on display at the house.

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