Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Just Need an Instruction Manual

Today's Unglued Blog Update
Another one of mostly my rewording & adding some of my own to what Lysa said. I just think she hits the nail right on the head!

This is what the Lord says to you: 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's. ~2 Chronicles 20:15b

I have heard time & time again: women need to come with an instruction manual; dating guys needs to have it's own handbook; & they forgot to give me the instruction manual with this baby when we left the hospital. A lot of times these statements are said in a joking manner when someone is having a difficult time; but y'all, we DO have an instruction manual for life....The Bible. And they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, formats, etc. All you have to do is a search on the web, or go to Lifeway (or your local Christian Book Store) & tell them you are looking for a Bible. They will help you out!

I am a very simple person & you will often times hear me say I need something put in Tasha Terms. In other words, I need something I can easily understand. Now I know King James Version is an AWESOME version of the Bible, but I just don't understand how it's written. So I have a Bible that is written like we talk today. And BONUS: it's in my FAVORITE color!

And yes, just like back in High School & College, in order for me to understand something, I've got to highlight it & take notes within it. Now, not ALL of my pages look that colorful, that's just where my Jesus Calling devotional has happened to take me, A LOT (awesome devotional by the way if you're looking for one!). But I'm not in this posting to talk about which Bible you should pick or devotionals, just about our Biblical Procedure Manual as it relates to coming (or really not coming) unglued.

An Old Testament example of how to handle raw emotions is King Jehoshaphat, whose store is told in 2 Chronicles 20. One day this king got some very bad news. Three countries had banded together, forming a massive army to attack his much smaller country of Judah. Danger was thick. Defeat seemed imminent. Death on a massive scale was a looming reality.

Just thinking about that & what he must of felt makes me feel the teeniest big unglued. But, in the face of this potentially horrific situation, King Jehoshaphat didn't freak out or explode. Instead, he did 5 specific things that give a whole new perspective on how to hold myself together when a life event threatens to blow me apart. Based on the truths in Jehoshaphat's story, Lysa outlined a training plan for her heart & mind & wrote a predetermined Biblical Procedural Manual to bring godly calm to her own unglued situations. I'll outline them here, & spend the next few Unglued Blog Updates going into detail on each of them.

Step 1: Remember who you are.
Step 2: Redirect your focus to Jesus.
Step 3: Recognize God's job isn't your job.
Step 4: Recite thanks & praises to God.
Step 5: Realize reactions determine reach.

Now, some of these have more details than others, some some blog postings will be longer than others. But tune in next Unglued Blog Update for Step 1: Remember who you are.

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