Monday, December 17, 2012


So, do you remember reading Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me? If not, feel free to click HERE
Here is an update: I am FREE!!!!!! I got release from the 24-hour (except during showers) heart monitor on Day 15 of 30. My heart was so nice to act a fool produce a recordable episode while I was on the monitor (like an hour after activating the thing as a matter of fact). So I feel like I have been freed!
It's going back in it's box! And I have shipped it back!
My cardiologists (yes, there are now 2) feel that the best option for me is a cardiac ablation. In Tasha Terms: they will go in & freeze the extra electrical wire in my heart that keeps acting a fool becoming active. This procedures takes 1-2 hours. I should be able to go home late afternoon the day of the procedure & resume life as normal 48 hours later.
According to what was seen while I was on the heart monitor, I also have little episodes that I don't actually feel. But when I have the big episodes, my heart rate goes from about 65 to 247 in the blink of an eye & it stays at this rate for 45 seconds to a minute. Medicine is not a favored option...while my heart rate & blood pressure are not low enough to be concerned, they are low enough that if they put me on meds, it would slow it all down too much.
So I am free....but it's not over yet. We are working on scheduling my cardiac ablation.

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