Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in 2013: Party of 6

So remember I said I kind of really heart parties? Well, not only did I have a Noon Year's Eve Party with the girls (click HERE if you want to see it); but we also had my in-laws over for the evening. They stayed the night so they didn't have to get on the road with all the crazies with it raining around here. It was a very relaxing evening with yummy food.
The girls LOVED that the balloons are still hanging around!

 made my Mom's Homemade Sweet & Sour Meatballs

So with the adults walking through the doorway from the kitchen to the living room, the middle of our sign had to be tacked up.

Greg toasting the TN Vols into a better year

Had a playlist going on my iPod on the docking station

Cheese Log

Pickle Wraps

Kayla & Poppie

Daddy & Gree

Poppie & Jamie

Jamie playing DS...she is LOVING this thing!

Kayla playing DS...she STILL LOVES her's.

Cooking up some yummy food

Wishing my Mom a Happy New Year on the phone

Sitting around, enjoying the evening

Wings for those with delicate mouths (no hot sauce)

Califlower for dipping in ranch

Hot sauce for the wings

Pineapple Dip

Toasting in the New Year....CHEERS!

Carrots & ranch...one of Jamie's favorites!

Cheese Dip

Variety of chips

Hot Wings

Ready to eat

Dessert: Gree's Banana Puddin

Jamie digging in

Jamie says: I LOVE Banana Puddin

Relaxing with Poppie after dinner

Tessie enjoys relaxing now too....some of the puppy is leaving....some

Kayla dancing

I told you she was LOVING that DS! She only plays a game for about 5 minutes & then she's ready to move on to the next one

Tradition: watching Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve

Tradition: watching Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve

Poppie had to catch a little nap

Poppie's little nap happened BEFORE 8

Relaxing with Gree after dinner

Jamie refused to smile with me...apparently I have taken too many pictures today

She's starting to wind down (the eyes ARE open)

But Jamie's back up & dancing with the Kayla Genie

Ummmm....she said she was pole dancing. This worries me.

Dancing in the New Year

Rapunzel Jamie

Cowgirl Jamie

Cowgirl Jamie riding her horse

Cowgirl Jamie riding her horse all around

This girl was dancing the night away!

Abby says this night is about relaxing

Cowgirl Jamie riding her horse but HAD to change hats

Cowgirl Kayla got in on the horse riding action too

They started to wind down

Jamie was pouting cause Kayla got to pick the quiet time show

But she was quickly made happy when she learned she got to pick which episode of the show to watch

A little quiet time snuggling (again she refused to smile)

Orange balloon to match his outfit

Getting my New Year's kiss from Jamie

Getting my New Year's kiss from Kayla

Tried SO HARD to make it to this point cause after 2 parties, I was TIRED

I think I can make it!

Yep, I made it to see the Ball Drop for 2013 & I was asleep before it hit New Year's in our time zone

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