Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time

Yea, in case you haven't heard, we have the flu in this house.
My friend Dawn sent me that picture & it cracked me up, cause really ain't nobody got time for the flu!
But since the girls & I do have it, here's what we've been doing. I mean, I know I just blogged about it yesterday; but in the Blogger world, you blog about what's going on in your life. {Might want to make sure you read all the way to then end...there are some cute pictures of my girls PLUS I give ya some links to some giveaways}
But here's what we've done:
We've gotten some tons rest
And kept up with our meds & drank tons of fluids.

I've even been productive & took my email inboxes from almost 300 unread emails to this:
0 unread emails. That's a HUGE accomplishment y'all! Not that I'm so popular that I get tons of emails from folks, but I do get inspirational & encouraging emails, some junk, & some informational stuff. I just haven't actually looked at it in a while. So I took care of that.
We've also done what we could to make sure the dogs felt loved as they've been feeling a little left out in the cuddle department:
But mostly we've rested: 

And every once in a while, the girls get a CRAZY burst of energy & act a little goofy:

Jamie ran around the house like this for about 10 minutes just a giggling last night. It was a wonderful sound!
This morning Kayla woke up giggling too, so that was great. We all woke up feeling a little better, not 100%, & only had low-grade fevers. Kayla is complaining a little about her throat
And Jamie is complaining about her left ear.

So if we keep fevers today & still have them in the morning, we'll be going back to see their nurse practitioner to see if we have any spin-off illnesses from the flu as we are supposed to return if we go more than 5 days with fever while taking Tamiflu. Kayla is on day 6 & Jamie day 5.
Again, I am thankful for these little burst of energy they get!

But they are short-lived & we end up back on the couch like this:

And did you know that toddlers follow you, everywhere?!?! Like really, everywhere {I can't even go to the bathroom alone}. Especially when they don't feel well.

I know one day I'll miss this, but for now, I've got a monkey on my back....literally: she's a monkey & that's my shoulder under that green shirt in front of her.
OH, I did get a little more productive:

I've recently blogged about how I was a Mary Kay Consultant. I loved my Mary Kay business, but I wasn't having enough time with my family so I gave it up. But I still have products on my shelf that I'm selling at half-price. I got one person's stuff together that has been asking. I hope to get the rest of the stuff together for those folks who have already looked at the half-price list.
I still have items on that list so let me know if you want to see it.
Okay, so that's what we've been doing.
Oh yea, the links to the giveaways! So I recently started stalking following this cool chick {she always refers to herself as one of the cool kids} named Lora. She reached 300 stalkers followers so she did a great giveaway with swag from a bunch of swag from other bloggers. In order to be considered in winning all the swag, you had to start following all the folks. So my blog following list grew by leaps & bounds. I am digging it though cause these girls are great at keeping it real!
Well now that I'm feeling a little better, I am able to read more of their blogs & guess what?!?!?! Some of them are doing giveaways {I'm starting to think there is something to these giveaways...maybe I should do one when I reach a certain amount of stalkers followers}.
First up is this chick:
 photo profilepicsupdated_zps02e72e35.jpg
This is Stephanie & you click HERE to start following The {Not So Secret} Lemne Life & enter her giveaway of a few of her favorite things.
And then there is:
 photo laceypic1_zps76c67bc8.png
Lacey from Charm and Sass. Click HERE to start following her & enter her giveaway {hint hint: Starbucks}.
So what are your thoughts on me doing a giveaway?????


  1. The flu stinks. Thanks for pimping my button! We need to get you a button.

    1. Yea, it does! No problem about pimpin your button!!! I totally agree about me needing a button, but I haven't figured that one out yet. Any suggestions????

  2. love her pretty little panties


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