Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Morning Before the Flu

So, Saturday afternoon, Kayla came down with the flu....but before her 103 fever hit, she felt GREAT & went to cheer at the basketball game with her friends.

We LOVE our cheer friends!

My Monkey practicing her cheers like the big girls

Pre-game Cheer Prayer

(we got to cheer for the girls' game)

Watching these big girls is tiring work...laying in Mommy's lap


Halftime Cheering: 

Loving on my Monkey!

Cheering like the big girls!

A little coloring time


Checking out what The Captain is saying

Watching the big girls cheer

Cheer Parents

Monkey wanted to be on my head

Love that Monkey Girl!

Such a good looking squad!

Running around after the game

Running around is hard work...taking a break

Nothing but net

We love our Coach Nicki!

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