Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cheerleading Has Started

Kayla has been asking to do some form of extra-curricular activity like dance or gymnastics. We've toyed with the idea of signing her up for one, but haven't done it yet. So when I saw the opportunity for her to cheer for 2 months, I thought it would be a good trial run to see if she was really going to want to do something.
And yes, she has!
Every Thursday night, we load up & head to practice.
Can you tell she loves it & is excited?
This was from our very 1st practice. She was ALL into it.
Also excited to get some new kicks...they are tie shoes!
Kayla loves her Team Captain Madison!

Bows made for the team by Lacy Jacobs

Lacy's contact info


My little cheerleader

Jamie came to watch Kayla cheer

We love our Captain Madison!

Jamie decided to do a little coloring

A little stretching before we cheer

Pre-game prayer

Princess Warriors are Excited for the Game!

Getting lined up

The little artist moved her work area so she could see the big girls



A little more artwork

She's becoming such a big girl!


Watching the game
The girls got to do a couple of cheers at half-time:


Kayla is excited to cheer with her friend Kaycey from Presbyterian Preschool (we miss playing with Kaycey!)

The girls after half-time...yes, Kayla is the shorty. Madison LOVES to pick her up & tote her around like her own personal little doll.


Watching the big girls cheer


Jamie says: I want to skip 3 so I can be 4 & cheer too!



We got to cheer for the girls' game

Jamie trying out some moves

My little monkey is trying to climb

CHEESE! Do you see the purple lip gloss???

It amazes me how much she's grown over the last couple of years

Apparently watching big sister cheer is hard work & makes you tired

Jamie says she can't wait till she can cheer with the big girls!

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