Friday, January 18, 2013

MFP Link It Up

So in the words of Lora, all the cool kids are doing it!
I have never personally met Lora, but the great thing about the Blog world is that you can follow people who inspire you or you can relate to. I do follow people on blogs that I know, so if you have a blog page, please let me know!
Anywho! Lora is someone that my cousin (in-law) follows & refers to in her blog from time-to-time, so I started following along too.
She put a challenge up: to link up her My Fitness Pal (MFP) results. She's doing this so she can share her journey as a FFF {Future Former Fatty. In case you were wondering.}
Well, I was DEFINITELY willing to link up on this one!!!! As you can see from my buttons over there on the side, I am on MFP. I did it for a while, took a break from it & did Lose It, & now I'm back to MFP. Lose It is good, but instead of telling you where you'll be in 5 weeks if you continue to eat & exercise as you are, it lowers your calorie intake to try to help you reach your goal by your goal date. This was not good for me as it had me eating under 1150 calories a day in order to get to my goal weight by my goal date. Ummm....not good cause it's recommended to eat 1200 a day.

So I regrouped. I've been working on my weight-loss/healthier lifestyle for about 2 years. And in that time, I've lost 28 pounds...WHOOO HOOO!

As of 4 days ago, I've logged into MFP for 155 days in a row. Say what?!?!?! I don't know if I've ever intentionally stuck with something that long!

I am fine with the number I see on the scale now...I just need to tone-it-up! Especially that wonderful gut I got...ya know, that "baby" pooch. My youngest will be 3 in March, so it's about time it be gone.

I need to get back into my work-out routine. I do great with it here & there, but need to stick with it. I've put it a little everywhere in my daily routine (first thing in the morning before my Quiet Time with God, after I've done my Quiet Time, right after getting home from work, after dinner, after I get the girls into bed). I do know I need to get intentional workouts back into my routine AND I want to do it with my girls cause that is way more fun & I want them to get in the habit from the get-go (not try to get into it when they get older).

So click on Lora & link up with us too! Let us know how you're doing so we can all encourage each other!!!!


  1. 155 days in a row?! girl, you are a freaking rockstar!!! way to go!!! who is your cousin in law??

    1. Yes ma'am....155. Thanks! It's not always been easy, but I've stuck with it! My cousin-in-law is Amy Nix.


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