Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's Go Team!

Oppss...I can't believe it is already Wednesday & I am JUST NOW blogging about Saturday's basketball game! Sorry for the delay....but here they are:
Jamie is excited to be there watching the big girls cheer & play her DS

Mommy bought Jamie a bow like the big girls so she could at least match them a little

A little chatting before the game

I feel truly honored that Madison takes time to make Kayla feel so special!

Starting a little pre-game practice

Jamie decided it was snack time
Pre-game practice: 


Jamie is EXCITED that the game has started & there is enough room on the sidelines for her to cheer with Mommy while the big girls cheer

One of Kayla's FAVORITE cheers: A lean

We got to cheer for the girls' game this week....all of the cheer leaders on the same side

Jamie decided to lay in my lap & be a silly girl
Halftime Cheer....I think it looked good with everyone cheering together (but that's just my opinion & I am NOT a coach!) 

My sweet cheerleader

Some of the girls

Jamie has to bring her own water bottle so she can be like big sister
Enjoying some of the game: 


Jamie brought Minnie along to watch Kayla cheer

Enjoying the game before going to Devotional Time
Running around playing tag after the game: 

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