Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Day of Frozen Stuff

So the frozen stuff didn't actually fall from the sky Wednesday, but due to the hazardous road from it falling the day before, the boss decided to close the office.
This is what it looked like outside the house:
The Water froze in the gutter drain.

The grass is all shiny from ice.

On Monday night, I had made Cinnamon Muffin Melts with Cinnamon Cheese Ball Icing for Moms Bible Study Play Date on Tuesday night. But given that it was still coming down all day Tuesday, we decided to cancel the Bible study. But I had already made them, so the girls & I had some for breakfast.

The girls didn't like them as much as I did (but cinnamon is one of my FAV flavors AND I also LOVE icings made from cream cheese). I thought since we were having ice extreme cold outside, why not have my coffee my snowman cup?!?!?!

The girls & I had some lazy time in the morning. They played DS games & we watched movies.
Kayla picked Brave & Jamie picked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I watched all of the 1st movie with them, while enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee. But when we started the 2nd movie, I got up & got to work.
See, when I got home from work on Tuesday, I got lazy & didn't get my tasks for the day done. 
Left side = Tuesday Tasks (of course my Quiet Time did get done Tuesday morning, but nothing else did until Wednesday)
Right Side = Wednesday Tasks
I was a busy woman for about 2 1/2 hours. The girls did volunteer to help (more on that in a minute), so it cut down on some of my time. There are a lot of baseboards in this house. And the fridge bottom shelf and drawers NEEDED some attention!
Soooo....after the girls watched all of movie #1 & part of #2, they started playing more with their toys instead of just sitting. And of course, as siblings often do, they started arguing over toys. I know I personally got on to them 2 times about this. Apparently the arguing did not stop when I went upstairs to vacuum. Daddy ended up grounding them (ummm...there IS discipline in this house folks, & it's dished out by who ever catches them doing or not doing what they are supposed to). This time out included multiple things as they were arguing AND not listening: sitting in Time Out for about 3 minutes, cleaning up all toys....
....& sitting on the couch, watching whatever an adult picked on TV (they usually get to watch whatever they want as long as they are in the living room) until after nap time. The channel of choice was Food Network....not too bad & they did learn a couple of things.
They did great with this....but there was about 1 1/2 hours from the time this started until lunch & nap time. So when they started moving around & trying to get off the couch, I did give them an option: continue to sit on the couch or help me by doing their chores & helping with some of mine. They both volunteered to help me (told you I would come back to this topic), and then do their own chores.
After hot dogs for lunch & their pre-bed quiet time (yes, I let them pick their show), it was nap time for them & relaxing time for me. Greg & I watched most of:

He had never seen it. I've read all 3 books & we own this so I've seen it.
After nap, I got back to my cleaning/organizing. I remembered that I needed to add some stuff to our Celebrate 2013 Blessings Jar: 
While I was cleaning the desk/workspace, I realized that I am obsessed with 3-hole punches!

I have three of them! So if you need/want one, I think I might could part with one of them.
I took this picture to show: 
1) we had a jammie day all day
2) the girls do play with more than just there DS (I'm getting a lot of DS action when I take pictures so I need to take more of the other stuff they do)
Daddy made us a YUMMY dinner: 
Cheesy Lentils, Smoking Guns (type of seasoning) Broiled Bone-In Pork Chops, Mexican Cornbread, & Spinach
I told you I was BUSY! I FINALLY completed the tasks from last week that I did not get to... 
...and all my projects from this week.
After dinner & finishing up my tasks & projects, it was time for play!

Notice, Kayla is playing with what? Her DS. Jamie is throwing the plastic bone for her plastic dog to fetch....cause Tessie just won't fetch the way she wants her to.
We even got in another movie: 
And Jamie decided to do a little hair work: 
I know I look a hot mess, but I was capturing the moment & letting my Baby Monkey Girl have fun....she has Play Do scissors in her hands, cutting my hair (cause kid scissors would actually cut it; but not these).

Jamie decided Kayla needed a haircut too! Notice Jamie's mouth...she held it open each time she was cutting.

Kayla had to have her turn cutting my hair....notice the mouth.

OH, and apparently Kayla got married! I don't know when or to who, but check out her ring!
After my haircut, it was time for a little stylin: 
I had clips ALL OVER at one point. Of course I'm playing on my phone cause that's one of the things I do when I get my hair done and Kayla was looking at pictures over my shoulder.
After all that playing & hair cutting/stylin, Daddy made the girls a little snack: 
Graham Cracker covered in Peanut Butter, touch of Honey, & Marshmallows under the broiler for a few minutes.

The girls thought it was YUMMY!

And I even got most of my Daily (non-changing) Tasks done. However, I should not have checked the Exercise box. Sure I cleaned a ton & that does burn calories. But I clean every day. I didn't do any intentional workout. I've changed my morning routine a little, again, cause I am just too tired when I get up before 5:15am. But I refuse to give up my Quiet Time with God. So I am no longer going to check the Exercise Box unless I do intentional exercise at some point in the day. Plus I need to go back to getting some exercise in where the girls can see that it is a good & fun habit to get into.
So what do you & your family do when you are cooped up in the house due to weather?

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