Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Heart Homework

Okay...when I was in school, I liked homework for the fact that I am one of those kids who has to have something in multiple formats in order for it to stick. I had to hear it in class & do the practice at home & when I got older, rewrite my notes or chapters from the book {true story, ask my Mom}. Prior to getting my job as a cashier at the grocery store, I would do my homework the minute I got home from school so I would have the rest of the evening to play or spend time with Mom & Dad or go to whatever practice I had to get to. Once I got my job & when I was in college, I would stay up later to make sure that I truly got what I needed to learn.
No one understands how truly blessed I feel for Kayla that things come so easily for her {she definitely gets that from her Dad}. I understand that we are only in preschool, but if you've spent any amount of time with Kayla, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, trust me, academically, school will come super easy for her. Again, as someone who worked hard to maintain good grades, I thank God for this, often!
Kayla has been very excited when homework has come home from preschool! Her 1st type of homework:
tracing her name. It didn't take her long to get bored with this one though....she's been writing her name on her own for a few years now. But I reminded her that this was to help her in writing her name more neatly {cause she can get sloppy with it AND her letters aren't always the same size}.
On January 14, a couple of things happened: the girls got sent home early from school because of frozen stuff coming from the sky & Kayla got homework sent home. They had been discussing Night Time Routines & working on time. We didn't do it that night as they were out of school for a bit due to the frozen stuff & MLK Day.
But when we did work on it, she was ALL into it: 

Happy Happy Happy to be doing homework!

The instructions per the sheet & her teacher said we could write and/or draw our night time activities & put the times if we wanted to...of course Kayla wanted to do it all. I had written out what she wanted to put on her paper on another piece of paper, & she wrote it on her homework herself. Since we are in preschool, this took us a bit. She told me to draw the pictures for her that night & she would color them the next day, so I drew them the best to my ability (I'm no artist).
But when she got up the next day, she decided she wanted me to draw them on another piece of paper & she would draw/color them herself. 
And this is how she did!
The next day (January 23), this is the text I got (I just LOVE getting text messages with pictures of the girls): 
with these pictures: 
Kayla showing her Night Time Routine Homework to her teacher & classmates.
Yaye Kayla! Great job!!!!


  1. Awwww! So sweet! I can send my pre-teen across the highway to you anytime you feel the urge to help others with homework! Ha! She has gotten better but for a while it was not all!

    1. LOL...sure! Just remember we are still in the world of preschool...& it's a two-day-a-week program. But I don't mind helping at all. I was born to encourage & help.


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