Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting It Started

On New Year's Day, I blogged about my New Year's Resolution for 2013 (click HERE if you want to read the details). It boils down to I want to be a better me! I blogged about it so I could put it out there. I will update on it from week-to-week or every couple of weeks so you guys can all help keep me accountable.
This week (well, Tuesday to today) was all about getting it started!
I worked on combining this planner (the book with butterflies & 2013 on it) with
this organizational planner. It's a pdf file I got from The Confident Mom (a blog I follow).
It looks something like this
when you turn to any given week (well, minus the check marks cause that is actually this week). I have gotten my organizational planner written into the planner I carry every day up to August 5. I hope to have the whole thing done by this week. As I get tasks completed, I check them off. I am learning that if you give me structure & a list of things to do, I apparently can do okay sticking with it (so far any way). I am also learning that I really like marking things off my list.
I am taking the approach of: it doesn't have to be perfect or everything on the list done as long as I am trying my hardest to do my best & focusing on God.
On every single day of my planner, I have written out Quiet Time so I can meet with God to have some focused time on Him.
The Organizational Planner has daily tasks that never change (things you do every day like dishwasher, wiping counters, etc), daily tasks that change every week (things to help keep you from having to do that mass cleaning right before a guest comes over), & weekly tasks (things to help you keep up the deep cleaning so there is no mass craziness to do that twice a year AND organizational tasks). It helps me not feel so overwhelmed by what I have to do as long as I do a little work (about an hour to hour & a half) every day.
Here is my list of daily tasks. I labeled it a chore chart since that's what the girls have (more on that in a minute). These are the tasks that are done daily anyway (dishwasher, wiping counters, etc). On this list is also Exercise.
Here are the girls' chore charts. We've changed from them getting $0.20 per check mark to whoever gets the most check marks gets to pick the show they watch before bedtime (their pre-bed quiet time).
I have my weekly tasks written within my planner, but also on the fridge so everyone in the house knows what I need to work on.

So far, it's going pretty good!

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